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    Android App
Free download from Google Play. Also available in the Amazon Appstore.

When you click the links in the description below, the image will change to illustrate what we're talking about.

The app features our HD Slideshow of images synchronized to the music (particularly nice when viewed on a tablet), song lyrics, and the comments & opinions about the songs from your fellow RP listeners.

Our new cache feature eliminates dropouts & buffering, even when your cellular connection is weak or intermittent. It also allows you to listen when offline completely or in 'Airplane' mode.

To cache up to 12 hours of RP for offline listening, tap the settings ('gear') icon on the main app screen to access the cache settings screen. You can set different cache lengths for WiFi and Cellular — or disable the use of cellular data completely.

The cache will fill automatically when the app is playing, or you can click 'Fill & Refresh Cache' to start filling it. Once you've cached the amount of time you want, you can listen offline at any time — even days later.

If you experience any problems with the app, first try deleting it and reinstalling it. If you still have problems, please email us before posting a negative review. Thanks.

You can also try our older non-caching app. Copy this address & open it on your phone: http://radioparadise.com/downloads/RP2.apk